What To Watch: The Office, S2E16, “Valentine’s Day”


Why this episode?

Valentine’s Day may have just passed, but this is still a great episode to rewatch when you’ve got some time on your hands. Early enough on in the series to still establish storylines that will thread through every season to come, it has the first ever appearance of one of our favorite products: the Dwight bobblehead. It’s one of the longest running jokes on the show, too – Dwight’s desk is never seen without it.

We’re not saying it’s one of the best episodes of The Office, but we’re not not saying that either. We just love seeing Dwight happy… and Phyllis too, for that matter. If only Roy could get it together. Pam should have joined Jim at his Valentine’s Day poker game and left Roy waaaay before “Casino Night”.

Something to note: with this episode, you start to see the truly bizarre elements of each character creep forward. Case in point… the beginning of Kelly’s obsession with Ryan, and Ryan’s total inability to commit to a relationship. It starts as a normal dating situation that you’d see in any mid-20s dating scenario, but remember where that one February 13th gets us by the series finale!

Fun fact: parts of this episode was shot on location right by us here at 30 Rock! Remember the fake Tina Fey/real Conan O’Brien sighting? We’ve taken our Dwight bobblehead around to Michael’s favorite New York City haunts (Sbarro, Times Square, the ice rink, the Minskoff Theatre) and we highly recommend you try it out on your next visit to NYC!


The Office Valentine's Day


Best quote: “This is the world famous Rockefeller Center. Founded of course by Theodore Rockefeller. This is a skating rink, I think the Rangers practice there sometimes.” – Michael Scott
Episode MVP: Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. A teddy bear bigger than Kevin Malone? He wins.

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