What To Watch: The Good Place, S3E5, “Jeremy Bearimy”

Why this episode?

Gather around, chili babies, and let’s discuss season 3, episode 5 of The Good Place. Where to begin with this one? A truly classic episode of television, “Jeremy Bearimy” starts to tie things together for Team Cockroach… well, for everyone except Chidi. Our favorite type-A professor has a full-on breakdown after realizing that not only has he been in the Bad Place for 300 years, but everything he previously knew was a lie. (We’ll get to discussing the *actual* Jeremy Bearimy another time… because it’s a lot to process.)

Flipping ethics on its head, he preaches to his university students that nothing matters. Nihilism is apparently the way to go in Bearimy-land. The pinnacle of this episode is the complete disintegration of Chidi: rambling to himself in a park so much so that he scares off other people, loading up a grocery cart with Peeps and chili, and rocking a very distinctive wine-themed tee for the duration of the episode. Culminating in making what’s probably one of the less appealing dishes we’ve seen on TGP – Peeps Chili – this episode is just the kickoff to the masterfully-done rest of the series.

Not to say that there aren’t other insanely wonderful parts to this episode, too. Tahani donates all her money to random people and businesses around Sydney! Larry Hemsworth! Michael and Janet’s days as co-conspirators coming to an end!  Eleanor Shellstrop actually caring about people? The episode – and the series, as a whole, if you haven’t caught it yet – is well worth revisiting.



Episode MVP: Chidi, again, no question. Anyone who cooks Peeps Chili in a university lecture hall while wearing a “Who, What, When, Where, WINE!” tee is a legend in our book.
Best quote: “You all get As. Or Fs. And there is no test. And you all failed it, and you all got As. Who cares? Good-bye.” – Chidi (what else did you expect?)

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