What To Watch: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S4E5, “Halloween IV”

Why this episode?

Brooklyn 99 Halloween IV

Iconic for so many reasons. One: the Halloween Heist is one of the most imaginative recurring television events. Ever. Period. Every season we watch to see who’s going to win, and we’re never right. (Maybe you are, but we certainly are not.) There’s always some trick up the writers’ sleeve! We just want to be the Ultimate Detective/Genius so badly…

We digress! This episode in particular brought us the first appearance of fan-favorite character Bill, a deeper dive into Santiago’s need for control – VIRTUAL BINDERS! – and the Gina Knows Best sweatshirt. We actually loved this episode so much that we brought in our own version of the sweatshirt. It’s a tee shirt form, so it works with all seasons… because we want to wear it every day! We love to feel like the human form of the 100 emoji, like, all the time.

Side note: any episode the writers bring Cheddar back is an episode we can fully get behind. #BestDogEver


Best quote: “Everyone should wear suspenders. Belts are dumb.” “People should swim forward. The backstroke is dumb.” “30 grams of fat? Hummus is dumb.” – Terry Jeffords
Episode MVP: Cheddar… duh.

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