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Chidi Wine Shirt Screencap

What To Watch: The Good Place, S3E5, “Jeremy Bearimy”

Why this episode? Gather around, chili babies, and let’s discuss season 3, episode 5 of The Good Place. Where to begin with this one? A truly classic episode of television, “Jeremy Bearimy” starts to tie things together for Team Cockroach… well, for everyone except Chidi. Our favorite type-A professor has a full-on breakdown after realizing…

Brooklyn 99 Halloween IV

What To Watch: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S4E5, “Halloween IV”

Why this episode? Iconic for so many reasons. One: the Halloween Heist is one of the most imaginative recurring television events. Ever. Period. Every season we watch to see who’s going to win, and we’re never right. (Maybe you are, but we certainly are not.) There’s always some trick up the writers’ sleeve! We just…

Dwight Bobblehead

What To Watch: The Office, S2E16, “Valentine’s Day”

  Why this episode? Valentine’s Day may have just passed, but this is still a great episode to rewatch when you’ve got some time on your hands. Early enough on in the series to still establish storylines that will thread through every season to come, it has the first ever appearance of one of our favorite…

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